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How Our Company Got Started

Audio Machine - Audio editing in Portland, OR
Studio Ten was started as a part-time audio recording hobby in Jay Webster's basement in the middle 60's. In 1971, Jay bought a commercial building on Powell Blvd and opened Recording Associates. Recording Associates was located at 5821 SE Powell Blvd. and has since relocated as a home base business at 9230 SE Clay St, Portland, Oregon. We have over 49 years serving the Portland market.

Bob Stoutenburg joined as an audio partner in 1974. In 1975, Recording Associates became the first 24 channel audio studio in Oregon. Bob has been engineering audio for over 43 years.
A State Licensed Vocational School to teach sound technology was added from 1978 to 1988. A Video Department was added in 1983 to present. Chris Webster joined as a video partner in 1986. Steve Rogers joined the company in 2011.

Recording Associates serves home and business clients.

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Audio Editing - Location in Portland, OR