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Video Duplication/Replication Services in Portland, Oregon

Video Duplication/Replication Services (digital or computer formats)

Recording Associates offers superior tape transfers for VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Super VHS-C, 3/4 (Umatic), BetaMax, 8MM, Hi-8mm, Digital 8, Minidv & DVcam to DVD.

We can also convert your video transfers directly to .MP4, .MOV, .AVI or any digital file type of your choice for an additional fee.

Duplication discounts on programs produced or edited at Recording Associates. Need a rush duplication order? Recording Associates will do its best to accommodate such requests. We are known for burning the midnight oil.

Additional services include:

  • On Disc Printing for CD's and DVD's
  • Complete Packaging Services


  • Computerized (Non-Linear) Editing
  • We can import your selected raw footage from the following formats:
  • MiniDV, DVcam, 3/4", Super VHS, Digital 8, Hi-8mm, 8mm & VHS

Pictures/Slides to Video

Video Memory Albums

Let us help you make a Video Memory Album from your Scrapbook photos! Turn your pictures, slides, old home movies and video into a program that preserves your family history, memorializes a loved one or celebrates a family event (a birthday, wedding, anniversary, family reunion, graduation, retirement, vacation or any event you want to share with others).

Titles, music, digital assembly and your voice-over available in our post production department. We can duplicate as many copies as you need for your family members.

Attention Employers: A Video Album is a great way to commemorate a retiring employee at his or her retirement party.

Slides to Video

Let us show you how to save money on your slides to video projects. Call us for tips on organization and planning. Typical duration of slides is 6 to 7 seconds. Ask us for tips on how to time your music selections to your slide program.

Titles, music and narration tracks can be added in our post production department. We can duplicate as many copies as you need for your family members. Library cases are available for that special look.

Pictures from Video

Recording Associates can make JPEG's from your video tapes for corporate, legal or personal needs.

Film to Video Services

Are you no longer able to watch your old home movies because your projector died? Has your old film started to deteriorate? Are you looking for that perfect gift to give Mom & Dad, the Kids or the Grandkids? Let us convert your old home movies to DVD. Our Hi-grade transfer process brings out the best in your film!

We can convert the following formats:

  • 8mm - Super 8mm (sound/silent)
  • l6mm (sound/silent)
After your film is converted to video, come into our studio and add your voice and music to the video, so future generations will know all the wonderful stories about Great Grandma & Uncle Herman. We have very competitive prices and all film transfers are done in-house.

For questions regarding our video services, contact us today and speak with one of our staff members.